Differences between P.A& Politics

(Table 1.0)

Have limited power within in various departments.
Have unlimited power because based on majority citizens choice through election.
It is the largest organization, and dominant force of the country.
Representative from particular parties have won in the election to govern the government.
To serve the public or people in the society.
Fulfill citizen interest to get support.
Office Tenure
Changes within in five years.
Take action on current issues.

Based on the table above, there is key characteristic of public administration. One of the key is power. In power cope, public administration has its own power and very limited within in various department such as Ministry Of Higher Education cannot be interfere with another ministry but they can be collaborate with each other. But in politics scope, it’s have unlimited power because based on majority citizen choice through election. The winning side that has been choose by the citizen can be implement any government policies.      

Second is structure. In public administration it is the largest organization and dominant force of the country. Such as Malaysia, public administration as a government agent that the work for the government. In political scope, representatives from particular parties have won in the election to govern the government. For example, every cabinet member that won the election has been given authorities to choose its own cabinet members. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was chosen to be a minister of education because his party has won the election.

The third key is purpose. The public administration purpose is to serve the public or people in the society. For example, they must be work on clock to run the government ministry or department in the state of federal level to give their serve to the public. Public as a consumers must be treat well and it is show that all public servant is effective. In political scope, the interest to fulfill citizen to gain support. For example, in Muar, elected representatives have to fulfill the citizen of Muar by providing infrastructure.

The forth key is office tenure. In public administration, the period is permanent. In politics scope is they can be change within 5 years term. Every 5 years there will be an general election that conduct in every level. When a ruler parties has won the election, it can be change of government policies.
The fifth key is activities. In public administration, the activities are repeaters. Such as all government body has its own objectives and its make permanent. In political scope, the activity is depending on current issue.

Accountability in public administration is unlimited and all the money and resources are come from the tax payer money. In political scope is, when a representative want to reelect again in next general election, he must use his own money to gain support by the people. For example, in Malaysia, the candidates must be given a deposit of RM10000 to the SPR.

Recruitment in public administration is by the Public Administration Council or SPA. The public servant was chosen by their qualification. All the government position is throught SPA. In political scope, all citizen of Malaysia has their right to be candidates and can be elected as parliament member in Dewan Rakyat.

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